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The Basics of Smoking Bongs

You'll need to learn the basics of smoking cannabis regardless of whether you're an experienced smoker or are just beginning to get into the hobby. For instance, you must to understand how to vaporize cannabis before smoking it. You also need to know how to clean the bong.


Contrary to plastic bongs glass bongs offer pure smoke and a pleasant, cool smoking experience. They are also better for your lungs. They can help filter out dry herbs and tobacco.

Large glass bongs may include a complex filtration process. These may include several layers of diffusers and percolators. This process helps filter the psychoactive components of marijuana smoke.

Glass bongs typically use high-quality glass that is borosilicate which is heat resistant. They are available in many different styles and shapes. They are all made by hand.

A common carb on glass bongs is the slide-carb. Some designs have the carb hole, which is a small space between the neck and the bong's base. The carb-hole can be used to control the amount of air that is filtered through the bong.

Most bongs are constructed of either plastic or glass. The purpose of the bong as well as its type will determine the material used. Some bongs are crafted from bamboo.

A glass bong is a better choice for those who are just beginning. They are simpler to keep clean and maintain than plastic bongs. Apart from that, they are also more durable.

They are a very popular invention in the cannabis industry. They look stylish and are convenient to carry around.

Apart from that, they are also very easy to use. They can also be used to smoke dry herbs.


A bong made of plastic is an excellent choice to those seeking an affordable method of smoking cannabis. Although, these bongs can be a bit more complicated to clean than glass counterparts.

These bongs are typically constructed of plastic or silicone. Both are inexpensive. They are also sturdy and easy to work with. Both of these substances can be hazardous. In reality most countries don't have enough regulations in place to regulate their use of plastics. This could lead to the production of harmful chemicals.

They are typically simple in design, with two large holes to accommodate a water pipe. The water in the bong may help to trap heavier smoke particles, and may prevent entry into your airways.

The bong might also include the downstem and a stem. To access the water container, you can take off the downstem.

These bongs are less durable than ceramic bongs prices (zipperquick.com) , and are more susceptible to breaking if dropped. They also produce unpleasant odors when they are heated.

Some acrylic bongs also feature downstems and bowls with removable bowls. This lets you clean certain parts of the bong with alcohol, salt, or sea salt.

One of the primary reasons to buy a bong made of plastic is its durability. These bongs are great for those who travel frequently or you don't want to create your own blunts.


There are many advantages when using a bong made of ceramic, whether you're a newbie or an experienced smoker. They aren't as durable as glass , however they are more easy to clean, less breakable and provide the perfect, cool smoking experience. There are some drawbacks having one.

The My Bud Vase, a Pakalolo water piper ceramic bong is an excellent choice if you are looking for a chic and functional bong. It has a standard rubber grommet as well as an attractive pink ceramic base. It's perfect for adding some style to your head shop.

Another option is the Iro Recycler Rig. It comes with an aluminum bowl that has an elongated bottom, which makes it ideal for smoking. It also has fixed downstems as well as the recycler section is shaped like a bell.

For a cheaper option for a more affordable option, the My Bud Vase Pakalolo is a great way to add some color to your collection. The water pipe is decorated with the blue fern leaf design, a pink ceramic base, and a standard rubber grommet. It ships with flowers and looks amazing in any space.

The My Bud Vase Pakalolo is a bong that is distinct from other bongs. It has a unique design that looks almost like an old-fashioned centerpiece. It is constructed from top-quality materials and is coated with a food grade glaze. It's a great addition any store and is a essential item for collectors.

Dab rigs

If you're new to the world of dabbing or have been smoking bongs for decades it can be confusing to understand how to use a dab rig. It's similar to bongs but is designed intended for concentrates.

There are many types of dab rigs. Some are equipped with domes and features that make them appealing, while others are more basic. The most important thing to do when using a dab-rig is to read the instructions.

To begin dabbing, you'll need nails and a small torch made of butane. To manage the pressure inside your rig, you'll be required to install a carb cap.

Then, you need to fill the water chamber with water and a bit of oil. This will help reduce the temperature of the vapor, and keep it from becoming too hot. The vapors then move through your dab pipe's body.

After a while the vapor will cease to bubble after which it's safe to inhale. If you're new to the process, you should only inhale a very small amount to begin with. Once you're at ease, inhale until the effect is felt.

After you're done, you can either clean the rig with an isopropyl solution , or a cloth. It's essential to take care not to overheat the glass inside the rig, as it could burn the terpenes in the concentrate.

A bong can lead to necrotizing pneumonia.

In the midst of the many health hazards of smoking marijuana, the biggest is the risk of lung damage and infection. One example is the chance of contracting pneumonia caused by bacteria. The risk is increased due to immune-suppressing medication and smoking tobacco.

Other risks include sharing bongs, which can transmit infectious diseases such as pulmonary tuberculosis. Recent research suggests that vaping has been linked to eosinophilic pulmonary pneumonia which is a type of pneumonia caused by impaired immunity in the lungs.

Certain scientists believe that the chance of developing bacterial pneumonia is less if the bong is cleaned, which removes some of the THC in the smoke. A bong with water is more secure because it can filter out smoke from a pot.

However, the security of smoking a bong hasn't yet been examined in depth. The dangers of smoking a bong have been ignored.

A 15-year-old girl was the most recent victim of necrotizing pneumonia caused by smoking cigarettes. Lung function tests revealed moderately decreased gas transfer and obstruction to airflow. A CT Thorax scan revealed apical pneumothorax and alveolar exudate.

This is the best method to prevent this risk. If you are an occasional smoker, you could go for a few days between smoking sessions. This is because mold and bacteria can develop in the water in your bong.

Cleaning a bong

Aside from the fact that a bong that is dirty can affect the taste of the bud, it can also cause the growth of harmful bacteria. It is essential to clean your smoking bong after each use.

One of the most well-known methods to clean a bong is by using isopropyl alcohol and salt. This mixture will reduce the resin and cleanse the bong. It's a cost-effective method to restore the original beauty of a bong.

Another alternative is to clean your bong using hydrogen peroxide. Wear gloves when using hydrogen as it could cause skin burns.

You can make use of a bottle brush to clean plastic bongs or silicone. This will let you get rid of difficult-to-access areas with your fingers.

It is the easiest way to mix isopropyl ethanol with coarse salt. The solution is more abrasive due to the presence of the salt. However, this method could require repeated washing.

If your bong isn't made of plastic, you can try using baking soda and white vinegar. This combination is extremely effective in removing ash and stains. Warm water and dish soap can be used to wash your bathroom. You can then substitute salt with a small amount rice.

Cleaning a smoking bong the most important thing is to wash it with warm water. This will wash away any remaining salt, and also disinfect your bong.

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